Sales Qualified Leads are specific people who holds a relevant job title at a target company in a target industry.


Who are in contact with us and have request more information about your company.

We activate Sales Qualified Leads;

your team follows up.


We provide everything:


Data, software, expertise.

Prospecting strategy, sales advisory, marketing review.

Targeting, custom messaging, and testing to find what works.


 Reach out to leads collected from previous campaigns and get one the following results:

a. Demo

b. Unresponsive

c. Collect Information

Turn your sales qualified leads in demos and appointments for your sales team.

We can serve as a filter ensuring that only verified sales opportunities are passed to your internal sales team.


Monthly newsletter to database of contacts


Monthly article published on website


LinkedIn posts on profile of export manager or linkedin page company


Engagement on LinkedIn Groups

Communication with your current customers is important.

Communications with your lead and prospects is vital.

Gleanster reports that using lead nurturing showed that 15-20% of the "not yet ready to purchase" opportunities converted into sales.